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Funeral Floral Policy

St. John Vianney  Parish's Funeral Floral Policy is as follows:

  1. No Arrangements or Flowers will be accepted at the parish office or be signed for.
  2. All deliveries should arrive one hour prior to the Rosary or Funeral at the church.
  3. Either the Family or the Funeral Home will be incharge of the arrangements prior to and following all services
  4. The Family or the Funeral Home will transfer the floral arrangements to the Parish Hall (if used for funeral reception).
  5. Upon completion of the services, we ask that the family take all arrangements home.


St. John Vianney has developed this policy for these reasons:

  • We do not have adequate storage for arrangements or proper refrigeration.
  • In the past, florists have complained about the treatments of their arrangements and have asked for reimbursement for damages.
  • Floral arrangements left in the Church have been misplaced or missing.


We thank you in advance for adhearing to this policy.