Mass of Wisdom

Penitential Act

Penitential Act (Contemporary Style)

Glory to God

Glory To God (Contemporary Style)

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy (Contemporary Style)

Save Us, Savior

Save Us, Savior Of The World (Contemporary Style)

Kyrie, Eleison

Kyrie, Eleison (Contemporary Style)

Gospel Acclamation

Gospel Acclamation (Contemporary Style)

We Proclaim Your Death

We Proclaim Your Death, O Lord (Contemporary Style)

Great Amen

Great Amen (Contemporary Style)

Sprinkling Rite

Sprinkling Rite: The Waters Of The River (Contemporary Style)

Lenten Gospel Acclamation

Lenten Gospel Acclamation (Contemporary Style)

When We Eat This Bread

When We Eat This Bread (Contemporary Style)

Lamb of God

Lamb Of God (Contemporary Style)