Children's Faith Formation (English)


Screenshot 2023 01 11 111845Faith Formation ministry is devoted to helping Saint John Vianney's families become stonger in their faith so every member of the family becomes a disciple. Our goal is to renew every home into a Christ centered domestic church.

We offer:

  • Family Religious Education
  • Sacramental Preparation Eucharist
  • Sacramental Preparation Confirmation
  • OCIA, Order of Christian Initiation for Adults
  • Children's Liturgy of the Word

Registrations are now closed.


Office hours:

Monday through Wednesday 10am-2pm

Thursdays 10 am-1 pm

Please contact our coordinator if you are interested in joining our Faith Formation Program:




Leomi Ebalobo

Coordinator of Religious Education

Office Hours as above or by appt


Family Religious Education



  • Open to all children in grades 1st-6th.
  • Parents or grandparents are welcome to lead formation at home.
  • Hybrid program: three home lessons every month and 2 in person at church.
  • English classes meet in person 2 Tuesdays a month. 
  • Spanish classes meet 2 Wednesdays a month.
  • Home lessons must be completed at home every month.

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Order of Christian Initiation


Order of Christian Initiation for Adults OCIA (Adapted for Children) (Previously known as RCIA)

  • For children 7 years or older interested in becoming Catholic.
  • All three Sacraments of Initiation will be received.
  • At least one year of Family Religious Education is required.
  • One-year program
  • Classes meet on Thursday nights 6:30-8:00 pm

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Children's Liturgy of the Word

  • BooksSunday Mass 10 AM
  • For children between the ages of 4-9
  • No registration required
  • Children will join at the end of opening prayers
  • Will return before the Eucharistic prayer

Sacramental Preparation Eucharist

  • EucharistOpen to children in grades 1st-6th
  • Two-Year Program
  • Children will meet twice a month in person
  • Two Tuesdays a month English classes  (1st grade through 6th grade)
  • Two Wednesdays a month Spanish classes (1st grade through 6th grade)
  • All Thursdays for all children in 7th grade and older 

Confirmation Program

  • A two-year program
  • Must have received 1st Eucharist before entering this program.Holy Spirit Reduced Half
  • All youth grade 7th or higher are welcome.
  • Meets on Thursdays 6:30-8:30 pm

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