Vocations Cross

What is required of a family receiving the Vocation Cross?

Once you have filled out this form, one of our Vocation Committee members will contact you to find out when would be a good month for you to take the Vocation Cross.

You will then be assigned a month, and the mass time where you will receive the Vocation Cross. (Vocation Crosses are distributed on the First Sunday of every month)

When you receive the Vocation cross into your home, you will then be invited to pray a short period every day for vocations for the entirety of the month. Some families choose to pray their Vocation Prayers before going to bed, some pray the prayers when they prepare for their day, while others choose to pray them before dinner. Resources are provided, and you can modify the prayers/devotion to fit your family's schedule.

Some families decide to add praying a rosary to their devotion, which is a wonderful and virtuous practice, but this is not required.

As your month approaches its end, you will be contacted by a Vocations Committee member to coordinate the return of the Vocations Cross.

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On behalf of Fr. Gamas, Fr. Derivera, the Vocations Committee, and the entire St. John Vianney Community, we are grateful that you are interested in joining us in prayer for vocations. By welcoming the Vocation Cross into your home you take part in a worldwide effort to petition our Lord for more vocations to the Religious Life. Also, by your sacrifice and devotion, you remind our community and your own families of the need for courageous young men and women, to serve the Church in a radical way. Thank you, and may God bless you for sharing your time and energy for Our Lord and community.

More info about the Parish Vocations Committee.

Vocation Cross - SJV Rancho Cordova

Vocations Cross

Receive the Vocations Cross into your home, and join us in praying for Vocations to the Religious life.

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