Martha and Mary Ministry

Martha and Mary Ministry

          Martha and Mary Ministry, and Lazarus too.  May 22,2018  St John Vianney Parish.

St John Vianney Martha and Mary Ministry began after a daily Mass gospel reading and homily by Fr. Chuck Kelly 4 years ago.  The need for the Martha's in this world was addressed, even though Lazarus and Martha's sister Mary, choose the better part, sitting attentively at Jesus' feet.  Luke 10: 32-42.  Talking with 2 religious Sisters after that  Mass about the homily, they shared that other parishes have Martha Ministries, doing what was needed in and around the Church.  Getting permission from Fr. Chuck and inviting volunteers, Martha's Ministry started and meets every First Friday after the 8 am Mass in the Fr. Martin Moroney room.

Our mission is to give our home church a women's touch, along with the brawn of a few good men.   Everyone is welcome.  There are light to medium chores to be done: dusting the statues, confessionals, window ledges etc. Windows to be cleaned, books straightened and pews polished.  Kneeler silencers to be reaffixed,  altar linens to be ironed and dry cleaned, also repairing of vestments of servers and priests.  Large candlesticks dewaxed and repainted, waterfont rehanging, processional Crucifix twice repaired, and repair sanding and painting water damaged walls etc.   Assisting Deacon Walt Little decorate for the liturgical seasons is a special blessing.

The Martha, Mary and Lazarus Ministry is there for any challenge as practical and active Catholics do their part, giving all honor and glory to Jesus Christ our Saviour.  We do not forget our Sister Marys, who choose the better part and remembers us in their prayers.  Come check us out on First Fridays. 

Thank you.           Connie and Lloyd Lagerstrom          (916) 635-3865