Caring Connections

The mission of the Caring Connections is to offer sympathy and support, encouragement and love which is at the head of a Christian community to everyone at St. John Vianney parish. 


Caring Connection was initially known as The Bereavement Committee. The primary focus was to address the needs of those in the parish suffering the loss of a loved one. It was started by some concerned parishioners. Since then, as Caring Connections, its goal of providing support has extended to those who are ill and to the homebound as well as welcoming new families to our community. 


To welcome new families to our parish;

To let our parishioners know the Church cares for them. To support parishioners who have lost loved ones through death;

To reach out and assist when possible those experiencing illness;

To assist with occasional transportation to church or to medical appointments.

Outreach Phone calls 

    are made to the family of the deceased every few weeks for several months by a member of Caring Connections to show continued support as a parish. 
    are made to parishioners who are ill or housebound to appraise the needs for an occasional meal, an occasional ride to church or to receive Eucharist. 
    are made to welcome new families in the parish, and answer questions regarding the activities and organization of St. John Vianney 


    Sympathy cards are sent to the family of the bereaved on behalf of the St. John Vianney parish community. 
    Get Well or Thinking of You cards are sent to parishioners who are ill to show our support and concern. 

Care Notes 

are provided in the book rack on many pertinent topics for our community. Donations for Care Notes are gratefully accepted. 

Mass of Remembrance 

In the fall families of parishioners who have died during the previous year are invited to a Sunday Mass where their loved ones are remembered by the church community in a special way. 

Caring Connections meetings are held on the second Monday of each month September through May in the Father Martin Moroney meeting room on the Coloma Road side of the church at 6 P.M. 
Caring Connections Areas of Service for Volunteers are:

  • Take Eucharist to the sick.
  • Make calls to families who have lost loved ones.
  • Make welcome calls to new families in the parish.
  • Provide occasional transportation to church on Sundays.
  • Provide a meal for someone who is ill.
  • To Visit the Homebound.

    To volunteer please call: Linda Morales: (916) 635-2019 or