Liturgy Ministers:

If for some reason you cannot serve the Mass you are scheduled for, please arrange ahead of time for a substitute. If you are unable to find a replacement, please let the Sacristan for your assigned mass know you are unable to be there.

Please be aware of the dress code as you participate in this ministry - no jeans, shorts or clothing that would distract from the sacred Mass

All Ministers are asked to sign in in the Sacristy by fifteen minutes before Mass, otherwise a substitute will be assigned

The time before Mass in the Sacristy is a time of prayerful preparation for the celebration of the Mass

Ministers of the Word

Please prepare to proclaim the Word by practicing your assigned reading, beginning a few days before your scheduled Mass. Know the context of your reading. 

Look at the Lectionary to find where on the page your reading is

The Lectionary and list of prayers is to be put on the Ambo before Mass

Reader 2 - PLEASE practice the Prayers of the Faithful before Mass, especially the names of the sick and deceased. This is very important to their families and friends.


Order of procession: Altar servers, Lector 2, Lector 1 with the Gospel Book (if there is a Deacon present who is carrying the Gospel Book, Lector 1 and 2 process in together), Deacon (if present) and Priest. The Gospel Book is to be carried in by Reader 1 or the Deacon

Stop at the second step. Order: Far left - Lector 1 with Gospel Book, Lector 2, Deacon, Priest, Altar Servers. All genuflect at the second step except the person carrying the Gospel Book. Set the Book on the stand after the genuflection

Do not leave the front of the altar until after the priest has reverenced the altar, when all leave together.

Liturgy of the Word:

Lector 1 moves to the sanctuary area as the priest is finishing the Opening Prayer. Approach from the center, genuflect at the second step

Announce the Reading, with head up, facing the community

Proclaim slowly and clearly, directly into the microphone. Pause for a beat after announcing the reading, and two beats after the reading, before announcing "The Word of the Lord."

If the Psalm is to be cantered, Lector 1 please WAIT at the center of the second step for the Cantor, genuflect together, then return to your seat. 

Lector 2 meets the Cantor (if present) at the center of the second step, genuflect together. After the second reading, please close the Lectionary and place it on the left under the slanted table top of the ambo before moving to the center of the second step to genuflect and return to your seat.

Lector 2 should start moving to the ambo during the Creed, the last phrase beginning "I believe in one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church..." for the Prayers of the Faithful/

Lector 2 will end each prayer with "Let us pray to the Lord."


Approach the second step and stand in the same order as after the Processional, genuflect together, walk out with Altar Servers leading, Lector 1 and 2 together, Deacon and Priest following

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Ministry of the Word and the time you give to our Parish Community.

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