Music Ministry

English Masses


Bill Githens
(916) 635-6065

Practices are held Thursdays from 5pm to 6pm in the Church

5:30pm Vigil, 8:00am, 11:30am

Rousell Ekwall
(916) 213-6153

Practices are held Thursdays from 6:30pm to 8pm in the Church

Spanish Masses

1:15pm and 6:30pm

Jorge Rivera
(916) 223-2448

Practices are held Tuesdays from 6pm to 8pm in the Father Moroney Room

Filipino Mass

Every 2nd Sunday at 3pm

Rouselle Ekwall
(916) 213-6153

Practices are announced through emails.  Please contact Rouselle to be added to the mailing list.

Indonesian Mass

Every 4th Sunday at 3pm

Debbie Febriany
(747) 228-4350

Practices are held Saturdays before the mass.  Please contact Debbie to be added to the practice schedule mailing list.

Combined Choir for Easter Vigil 2017
Combined Choir for St. John Vianney Feast Day
San Lorenzo 2017 Choir

Easter Vigil 2017 Combined Choir

Front row (L to R): Rouselle Ekwall (5:30pm, 8am, 11:30am, Filipino,) Elisa Palonpon (11:30am, Filipino,) Preena Costa (11:30am,) Heidi Perez (5:30pm, Filipino,) Tess Iluzada (5:30pm, 8am, Filipino)

Middle row (L to R): Samantha Ruiz (11:30am,) Maritsa Lopez (Spanish 1:15pm,) Guadalupe Rangel (Spanish 1:15pm,) Jaynette Genson (5:30pm, 8am, Filipino,) Jaime Villareal (Spanish 1:15pm,) Ed Spellacy (9:45am)

Back row (L to R): Caesar Romero (11:30am, Filipino,) Bill Githens (9:45am)

St. John Vianney Feast Day 2017 Combined Choir

Front row (L to R) - Tess Iluzada (5:30pm Vigil, 8am & Filipino choirs;) Elisa Palonpon (11:30am & Filipino choirs;) Caesar Romero (11:30am & Filipino choirs;) Jaynette Genson (5:30pm Vigil; 8am & Filipino choirs;) Charlize Velasco (11:30am choir;) Samantha Ruiz (11:30am & Filipino choirs)

Back row (L to R) - Rouselle Ekwall (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, 11:30am & Filipino choirs;) Sophie Sumpo; Christian Carrasco (Spanish choir;) Jaime Villareal (Spanish choir;) Irene Arganda (11:30am & Filipino choirs;) Preena Costa (11:30am choir;) Maritsa Lopez (Spanish choir;) John Gerber (9:45am choir;) Ed Spellacy (9:45am choir;) Pia Ilustrismo-Ravelo (11:30am choir;) Elizabeth McAllister (5:30pm Vigil, 8am & Filipino choirs;) Bill Githens (9:45am choir)

(Left to Right)

Rouselle Ekwall (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, 11:30am, Filipino;) Irene Arganda (11:30am, Filipino;) Samantha Ruiz (11:30am, Filipino;) Tess Iluzada (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, Filipino;) Charlize Velasco (11:30am;) Elisa (8am, 11:30am, Filipino;) Jayne Genson (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, Filipino;) Sed Mangapit (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, Filipino;) Aurelia Garcia (5:30pm Vigil, 8am, 11:30am, Filipino)

San Lorenzo Ruiz 2017 Mass & Celebration