Mr. and Mrs. Club

The primary objective of this organization is the social enjoyment of its members.


Our business meetings start at 7:30 p.m. every second Saturday of the month in the “Fireside Room” to discuss the previous and upcoming social events.

Our social events are normally the fourth Saturday of the month. Sometimes they are in the “Fireside Room”, “Dwyer Hall” or as determined by the social committee. Typical social events include potlucks, Summer Steak Fry, Inaugural Ball, game nights, etc.

Annual dues are $40 per couple, which represents $3 per month and a $4 per year donation for Christmas.


In January, 1946, a group of Catholic ex-servicemen and their wives, many of whom were new to Sacramento, met in St. Thomas Aquinas Library in the basement of the Cathedral for a social, danced to a jukebox, and found it so enjoyable it was continued. Later that same month, a meeting was held with Father Richard C. Dwyer who was most enthusiastic; and as a result, officers were elected, a constitution was adopted, and the Mr & Mrs. Club was born. In 1958, with Father Richard C. Dwyer, the St. John Vianney Mr. & Mrs Club was formed.

We provide a social program according to the desires of our members, and an opportunity to find wholesome recreation for the family unit with others in the parish.

We invite you to join as a member. Any married couple is eligible for membership provided that one of the spouses is a Catholic and a member of our parish. We are the only group you can join whose objective is to enjoy the company of fellow parishioners in a social setting.



For more information call:

Presidents............................................    Terri & Bob McGarvey  (916) 638-7678